Plastic in life

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Plastic in life

* Plastic in human life is very rich and diverse, it is necessary to understand clearly the types of plastic available on the market, so that there is a direction to use which products are safe, suitable and have high efficiency.

- PET or PETE is an important food packaging that can film or form bottles. Due to its very high waterproofness, PET is used as bottles, bottles for purified water, carbonated soft drinks….   

- Polyethylene polymer (HDPE) is a thermoplastic made from petroleum. Commonly used in the manufacture of plastic bottles, corrosion resistant pipes, waterproof membranes, and wood plastic in the food industry. The best type of plastic for use in long term food preservation is high density polyethylene (HDPE), designated by the “2” symbol. HDPE is one of the most stable forms and plastic, and all plastic containers sold exclusively for food preservation will be made from this material.  



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